Wroclaw School of Applied Informatics Horyzont

WWSIS "Horyzont" in a nutshell. Our teachers, our students, their parents and experts in the field see us as one of the best private colleges in the region. Our goal is to train competitive and qualified graduates and prepare them for the challenges of the modern market at home and abroad.

WWSIS "Horyzont" in a nutshell

    • Curricula in particular departments are designed according to national educational standards approved by the government.
    • Our faculty consists of highly qualified experts in their fields.
    • Foreign language courses at our college are of the highest quality at all levels.
    • The students of our college have the opportunity to complete part of their study programme or do a student internship in EU countries as part of the Erasmus programme.
    • Our graduates have the opportunity to go to Great Britain for a 13-week work placements as part of the Leonardo da Vinci programme.
    • For computer science students we offer additional make up courses in mathematics ‒ math is easy with us!
    • Our students can take advantage of many forms of financial aid.
    • We have virtual electronic dean's office.
    • There is wireless Internet access on our premises.
    • We organize prestigious courses within Cisco Academy Our school is the only higher education institution in Europe which organizes Fluke Networks courses
    • We organize postgraduate professional courses funded from the European Union
    • Our school is student-friendly

Wroclaw School of Applied Informatics Horyzont

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