Silesian University of Technology

The Silesian University of Technology is one of the most prestigious and top-ranked technical universities in Poland. At present, the SUT educates over 29.000 students at all three levels of study.

The University offers over 150 specialities within 47 major courses given at 14 faculties, covering the whole range of engineering aspects, including modern technologies and architecture as well as management, sociology, administration and linguistics. Didactic, scientific and research activities are run in modern laboratories and lecture halls by highly qualified university staff consisting of over 1800 academic teachers, including 400 professors and holders of the DSc degree.

The SUT consists of following faculties:

  1. Faculty of Architecture

  2. Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science

  3. Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

  4. Faculty of Chemistry

  5. Faculty of Civil Engineering

  6. Faculty of Electrical Engineering

  7. Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering

  8. Faculty of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy

  9. Faculty of Applied Mathematics

  10. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

  11. Faculty of Mining and Geology

  12. Faculty of Organisation and Management

  13. Faculty of Transport

  14. College of Foreign Languages and Institute of Physics

The main SUT campus is located in the centre of Gliwice town, one of the oldest and most beautiful towns in the Upper Silesia region, perfectly located with easy reach of high hays, trains and airports. Gliwice is the seat of the Rector’s Office as well as of SUT’s 9 faculties and College of Foreign Languages. Main student facilities, including the Library, student housing , cafeterias and sport centres are located here as well. Further SUT’s faculties have seats in the town of Zabrze and Katowice city. Having in mind the continuously growing interest in technical studies, the university has even extended its offer in recent years to even more locations in the region.

The Silesian University of Technology with its strong position on the educational market at the regional, national and international scale confirmed by various rankings, continues to play the role of one of the leading Polish technical universities. Education of future engineers is focused on educating alumni with the skills required by the perspective employers in industry or another sectors of labour market. 

The University systematically increases its offer of studies in English. The most popular regular courses of such kind are:

  • Automatic Control & Robotics, Electronics and Computer Science (interdisciplinary studies)

  • Civil Engineering

  • Technology and Chemical Engineering

  • Energy Engineering

The Silesian University of Technology cooperates internationally, actively paticipating in various academic exchange programs what allows its students to experience academic life worldwide by choosing a semester or year of study at one of over 190 partner universities. Simultaneously, foreign students received by the SUT help us to create a real “internationalisation at home” environment.


After study, a wide range of activities students may find interest in is available: vivid life of over 20 different student organisations, 100 research groups and 20 sports sections, as well as choir, music band, dance group and theatre – all these things make atmosphere which will not allow anybody to feel bored here. So, join the SUT – Gliwice waits for you!


Silesian University of Technology

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