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Pomeranian University in Słupsk is the state school of higher education with over 40-year tradition. It was founded in 1969. The basis for Higher Teacher's College was namely the Teacher's College existing from 1957.

The University is situated 18 km from the Baltic Sea in the town of Słupsk which was granted municipal rights (Magdeburgian) in 1265.

STRUCTURE At present, there are three faculties at the Pomeranian University in Słupsk: the Faculty of Philology and History, the Faculty of Mathematics and Science and the Faculty of Education and Philosophy. Within the scope of their activities, there are nine institutes and four chairs. The University possesses also inter-faculty units i.e.: Scientific Publishing House, University Archives and the Main Library as well as inter-school units: Foreign Language Study Centre, Sports and Rehabilitation Center and IT Centre.

The Publishing House has been developing successfully for the last few years and until 2009 it had already published 700 titles. It publishes new titles every month of which the authors are both scientific employees of Pomeranian University as well as the researchers from outside the University. The permanent publications are: Baltic Costal Zone (IF value 4), Słupsk Biological Studies (IF value 2), Słupsk Geographical Studies, Słupsk Historic Studies, Słupsk Philological Studies – the series of Polish Philology as well as Słupsk Philosophical Studies.

In 2008 the Academic Centre of Pure Energy and the Centre of Education and Preventive Treatment were also created. The aim of these units is to conduct the research for the Middle Pomerania region.

THE UNIVERSITY STAFF AND THE RIGHTS FOR CONFERRING ACADEMIC DEGREES The Faculty of Philology and History and the Faculty of Mathematics and Science are authorized to grant scientific degrees of Doctor, respectively in the field of History and Biology. Within the next few years the University is planning to attain additional rights for conferring academic degrees of Doctor and Doctor Habilitatus.

At the Pomeranian University, there are 550 scientific and didactic employees including 90 professors and 260 doctors. Lectures are also conducted by visiting professors from other Scientific Institutions both domestic and foreign e.g. from Germany, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary or Great Britain.

COOPERATION WITH BUSINESS SECTOR The university delivers expert surveys, conducts surveys and trainings for collective recipients, i.e. institutions and companies.

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