Jan Kochanowski University

The Jan Kochanowski University (JKU) in Kielce is the only university of Świętokrzyskie region, and one of Poland’s twenty universities.

Since 2006, the University has been methodically expanding and updating its research and teaching facilities by making efficient use of European Union’s structural funds. For example, over PLN 300 million has been used to expand the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences,

the Centre for Arts Education within the structures of the Faculty of Education and Arts, the Foreign Language Centre at the Faculty of Humanities, the Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship of the Faculty of Management and Administration, and the Main Library. Projects worth almost PLN 40 million, related to comprehensive expansion of the University’s ICT infrastructure and implementation of the integrated IT university management system have been completed. Special stress has been laid on providing stateof-the-art equipment for research and teaching faculty laboratories."



Jan Kochanowski University
Żeromskiego st. 5 ,
Kielce 25-369

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