Czestochowa University of Technology

Czestochowa University of Technology is the largest state university in the region. It is also the only one having full academic rights, i.e. it has the right to confer the title of doctor and university professor.

During its sixty-year scientific and educational activities, it has become an inherent part of Poland's history and tradition, of Czestochowa region and the city itself. In nationwide rankings of the state institutions of higher education, we are among the top universities in Poland of a similar profile.

Our students have an opportunity to specialize in any of almost 90 areas within the framework of 19 fields of study. CUT offers three-year taught full-time BSc studies in English. If you choose this option you can benefit from a unique educational offer that will help you develop a wide range of useful and transferable skills.

All faculties have full academic rights to confer the doctor's degree in 9 scientific fields. Four faculties (the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, the Faculty of Production Engineering and Materials Technology, the Faculty of Management, the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology) have the right to confer post-doctoral degrees in 6 scientific fields. These Faculties also offer full-time PhD studies.

CUT, thanks to high skills of its independent academic staff and a constantly growing number of employees obtaining doctoral and post-doctoral degrees , can develop more effectively and respond to new challenges brought by technological and scientific advances. Education of specialists in advanced technologies is a very important task undertaken by the University, which is vital for its development in the European structures.

 The University is involved in several research projects within the framework of programmes, research and education initiatives. It takes an active part in the seventh Framework Programme (e.g. in the PEOPLE MARIE CURIE campaign and ENERGY sub-programme), and in numerous COST and the NORWEGIAN FINANCIAL MECHANISM projects.

Czestochowa University of Technology
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