Collegium Civitas

Collegium Civitas was a first non-public university to welcome on board foreign students in 1997. Since then our exquisite program of studies in English has attracted hundreds of international students from all over the globe. In Collegium Civitas international cooperation is a key!

About the university

Collegium Civitas is a modern non-state university located in the heart of Warsaw, the most dynamic capital city of Central and Eastern Europe. Experience and commitment of our founders and faculty members have earned us a reputation of the best place to study international, social and political science in English.We are entitled to award BA, MA and PhD in a rich variety of programs. We have received accreditations from National Accreditation Commission and the University Accreditation Commission at the Conference of Rectors of Polish Universities.


- Hardly any university in Europe may boast the fact that as many as four its lecturers are Members of the EU Parliament, as it is the case in Collegium Civitas.

- Among our instructors there are also former Ambassadors and Charge d'affaires, the President of the Polish National Television Council, Director of the national Academy of Public Administration, Director of the Nonmilitary Security Department of the National Security Bureau, and two members of the Council of the Institute of National Remembrance.

- Collegium Civitas gives you a chance to learn from the best!

- University ranking from “Wprost” magazine – Collegium Civitas is regarded as the top university which perfectly prepares students for their career (1st place in 2012).

International Cooperation

International cooperation is our priority. We have managed to build an extensive network of international contacts, which allows to maintain and expand the international dimension of studies. We help and encourage our students to travel and study abroad, welcome international students in Warsaw, and participate in joint research and educational initiatives. According to prominent weekly Newsweek Polska, graduates of Collegium Civitas are among the most sought-after by potential employers in Poland. International students studying at Collegium Civitas are also confident of their future careers. The skills, knowledge and experience they have gained at Collegium Civitas through the International Internship Program for English speakers effectively help them compete in the labor market.

Collegium Civitas
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