Academy of Physical Education

The Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education in Katowice is a three faculty school of higher education. These faculties include Physical Education, Sport and Tourism Management, Physiotherapy.

The Academy of Physical Education in Katowice is one of the largest Sport Academies in Poland. Currently there are over 5000 full-time and extramural undergraduate students, 80 doctoral students, 500 post-graduate students.



Currently, The Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education in Katowice is organized in three faculties:



  • Physical Education - full academic rights, granting degrees and academic titles (PhD)
  • Physiotherapy - actions are being carried out to obtain permission for PhD studies
  • Sport and Tourism Management


At the youngest of the Faculties (Sport and Tourism Management) there are two separate courses:


  • Tourism and Recreation,
  • Management

Integral components of the organizational structure of this university is also the Centre of Excellence Training and PhD Studies.

The academic staff is composed of renowned scientists and teachers with established authority in different fields what results in a high standard of offered courses. There are over 260 employees in research and didactic positions with 40 professors and 130 employees with a Ph.D. title among them.


The Academy has modern didactical facilities and well equipped scientific laboratories situated in four separate buildings and a new track and field stadium. The school offers a wide range of sports facilities, for example: multifunctional sports gym with two swimming pools, squash court, sports shooting range, dance and fitness hall, judo hall and sport halls fully adapted for disabled subjects, three beach volleyball and one beach handball field, 12 meters high and 25 meters wide artificial climbing wall, a gym for team sports with a full size handball field, volleyball, football and basketball training fields and a weight lifting and fitness halls.

The main fields of research currently being carried out and planned for the coming years at The Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education


  • Analysis of sports performance in training process.
  • Selected physiological and biochemical aspects of exercise.
  • Characteristics of movement control and motor learning.
  • Assessment of the level and structure of physical fitness and its determinants.

Some determinants of the effectiveness of psycho sports team games.Historical and sociological conditions for the development of physical culture in Poland. Analysis of the management systems in service organizations - travel, sports physiotherapy, crisis management. Assessment of natural attractiveness of selected areas in Poland for sports, tourism and recreation. Characteristics of motor skills and physical activity of obese and determine the effectiveness of selected dietary programmesEarly diagnosis and progress of rehabilitation in selected musculoskeletal pathologiesDiagnostic and therapeutic aspects of disability prevention and fighting its effects.

Academy of Physical Education
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