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Gdansk's School of Banking (WSB) offer and organisation is mainly addressed to persons connecting their education with their work. Apart from rankings and employers' opinions, the target direction adopted by GSB has also been appreciated by over 8 000 working students who gain their knowledge and experience here, every year.


Join the Gdansk's School of Banking (WSB) academic community and forget about boring classes. With WSB you will have a chance to solve a real business problems. Add to this highly qualified academic stuff and modern facilities.

Still not convinced? Here are the 8 reasons why it is worth one's while to study in Gdansk School of Banking:

1. Rich educational offer - Plan your career path with Gdańsk's School of Banking. You can choose your studies in 6 faculties of the 1st cycle, continue the 2nd cycle of studies and develop your competences at post-graduate studies.

2. good organisation - We respect your time at Gdansk School of Banking. The activities have a form of workshops and case studies; hence your knowledge acquisition will be faster. The Moodle Platform will enable you online access to notes and indispensable teaching materials.

3. practical study programme - As a business school we consider practice the priority. Educational programs are consulted with representatives of particular sectors to best reflect the economic reality. Students gain professional experience during their traineeship and internship and the School's Career and Practice Office organises additional training and workshops.

4. Foreign university certificate - The School enables getting a double certificate of one of 3 partner colleges. Such certificate is your additional asset at the employment market.

5. Credible - Schools of Banking is a Higher Education Institution belonging to the greatest educational holding in Poland, TEB-Akademia Higher Education Development Center that has its branches in 11 cities: Bydgoszcz, Chorzów, Gdansk, Gdynia, Łódź, Olsztyn, Opole, Poznań, Szczecin, Toruń and Wrocław

6. Best in practice

7. Modern

8. Most frequent recommendation of employers.


About Gdansk

A thousand-year history, a location at the crossroads of important trade and communication routes, an extensive port - all of this has made Gdańsk a place of many cultures, nationalities and denominations.

History is etched in Gdansk. The city´s fortifications are perfectly preserved and rank among the biggest in Europe. The place is a pearl of bourgeois architecture, boasting beautiful houses and a unique market. Its Old Town has plenty of cozy streets and Gothic churches.The two most known symbols of the city are: the Neptune´s fountain in the main Długa Street (which is a perfect meeting spot) and the large 14th century crane overlooking the Motlowa River. They are within the walking distance of each other. When talking about the city, one cannot forget the shipyard, in which the Solidarity movement lead by Lech Walesa originated, leading to the end of communism in Poland in 1989.Gdansk is also famous for its amber. Here, you will be spoiled for choice when you shop for amber souvenirs. You can choose anything from tiny amber earrings to necklaces crafted from heavy carved amber beads.

Gdansk and its neighboring cities, Sopot and Gdynia, form the so-called Tri-City. From the Ports of Gdansk or Gdynia one can take a ferry trip to Sweden. It is also in Gdansk where some of the European Football Championship games, commonly referred to as EURO 2012, took place.

The thousand-year history was not only a time of merchants but also artists who still abound in the city. Gdansk has enjoyed centuries long theatre and opera traditions and today has plenty of modern cinemas offering a wide choice of productions for film lovers.


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