Catholic University of Lublin

The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin is one of the fastest developing universities in Poland. Apart from theology, philosophy, social sciences, law and the humanities, natural sciences and exact sciences are developed.It is a sign of the openness of the Catholic university onto the challenges and needs of a modern man.


About the university

1500 excellent professionals comprise research and teaching personnel of the University, whose broad knowledge and excellent methodological preparation combine with passion for research and transfer of knowledge. Among the group of professors at KUL, one could find Rev. Karol Wojtyła whom the world knew as Pope John Paul II.


- More than 15 thousand young people study at John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.

- For those beginning their adventure with studies, the University offers bachelor’s and master’s degree studies.

- Students gain knowledge about God, man and the world at approximately 50 majors and specialisations.

- For the best students in a given field, the Catholic university has to offer doctoral programmes which prepare young scientists to conduct research and to write dissertations.

International Cooperation

The University also educates foreigners, offering them degree programs in English. Thinking about foreign students, the School of Polish Language and Culture of KUL prepares an offer of courses in the Polish language every year.

Being a reknown and respected research centre, the Catholic University of Lublin is a member of many organisations and societies such as International Federation of Catholic Universities, the European Federation of Catholic Universities and also the European University Association. In addition, the University co-operates with nearly 200 foreign universities. Thanks to the signed agreements, joint research projects and guest lectures are carried out. The consequence of the abovemnetioned cooperation is also a wide range of international exchanges.



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