Poznan University of Economics

Poznan University of Economics is a prestigious university who leads research and enriches the knowledge of economic sciences and related fields. By educating students - prepares at the highest level executives capable of rise effectively to the challenges of the modern economy in the country and abroad.


About the university

Established in 1926, Poznań University of Economics is one of the best, oldest and most prestigious economic universities in Poland, widely renown for its academic excellence. It occupies top positions in the rankings published by respected magazines. With its reputation for quality it specializes in the education of highly-qualified managers, economic experts, as well as national and international administration personnel capable of operating successfully in the globalized business. It also has an undisputed position as a leader in economic research as well as a major centre for applied research, expert evaluation, analysis and consultancy.


- The school’s reputation is built on high educational standards consistent with the world’s latest teaching methods and business trends.

- The University has been awarded certificates and accreditations confirming that its teaching and research standards comply with the highest academic requirements.

- The University’s main strengths are its educational base, international relations and co-operation with the business world.

- The school employs over six hundred academics, including approximately a hundred and thirty professors.

- Members of the University’s research personnel sit on various advisory committees, participate in research projects, offer expert opinions, and advise business entities and state agencies.

International Cooperation

PUE lays great emphasis on the internationalisation of education and research. The University’s curricula meet the requirements of the global labour market and the EU’s educational standards. Students receive credits in accordance with the ECTS standard, which enables them to undertake international study programmes. The school itself is linked with a vast number of world’s leading partner institutions and it has well-developed teacher and student mobility programs. The University’s lecturers actively participate in the work of international research networks and groups, and in intergovernmental research projects. They also deliver guest lectures at universities abroad.

The number of University’s foreign partner institutions, international research consortia and projects financed from European funds is constantly growing.

PUE actively supports its students and graduates in their career development. The Career Office assists them in finding internships, placements and employment. The Office runs a large, computerized and daily updated database of employment offers and graduate profiles. The Office receives several hundred offers from potential employers monthly.

PUE is co-operating with dozens of international companies such as: KPMG, P&G, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, MasterFoods, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Nivea, Volkswagen.

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