For ones UMCS could be a mysterious shortcut only but in fact it is a shorten name of the largest university in Eastern Poland. The full name of the university is: Maria Curie-Skłodowska University of Lublin. Surely the name of the university is more recognizable now as Maria Curie-Skłodowska was one of the greatest scientists of the XX century.

XX century is also the time when UMCS was established. It was during World War II – in 1944 exactly. All beginnings  are difficult but thanks to the academic staff dedication the university grew and today is a well-developed place open towards both national and foreign students (about 500 overseas students in recent years). It is not a secret that the number of foreign students at UMCS will increase. It is because of the university policy and strategy to become a regional leader.

UMCS consists of 11 different faculties offering a complete scope of majors: arts, humanities, earth sciences, chemistry, pedagogy, economics, mathematics and psychics all in one place!

Are you the one interested in computer science? Study at UMCS!

Want to start a career as a journalist?

Find your way at the UMCS! Do you like biology? Start your studies at UMCS!

Most of students appreciate the UMCS for the openness towards their needs. Students are able to choose a lectures which are most interested for them. The university organize a special festival for students called “Kozienalia”. It is a special period of time when students have some days off to spend it on activities like: sport competitions, cultural events and concerts. It is a great time to see the university from the other side because both the academic staff and students are involved in preparing the festival.

Every student will enjoy the cultural side of studying at UMCS. It is not only about “Kozienalia”. For the whole academic year lots of cultural events are available. Definitely you should check the cultural offer of at the “Chatka Żaka” (literally abecedarian hut). It is a special place for students culture we can’t share more to you but trust us - you wont be bored there!

UMCS has its “student city”. It is a place where most of dormitories are located in. Above that you can find there a library, an academic sport center a park, a court and a lot of students clubs, pubs or shops. It is a huge advantage as you can live in friendly surroundings where most of the neighbors are students.

Don’t forget that UMCS is located in Lublin. It is a picturesque medium-sized city in eastern Poland. Everyone who study here says that Lublin is a great student city. It is not as noisy and crowded as Krakow or Warsaw and is also cheaper than the most Polish cities. Moreover from Lublin you can easily travel to other Polish regions and cities.

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University of Lublin gives you an opportunity to fully taste living and studying in Poland. Don’t hesitate to check the details and start your studies at UMCS!

Find out more at the official UMCS website. 


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