Do you need help with coming to Poland for studies and dealing with all the formalities?

Getting accepted to a Polish university is the first step to study in Poland. What you need to do next is to arrange a place to stay, complete all the necessary formalities, obtain a health insurance as well as open a bank account or get a mobile phone number.

Having all those things done, especially when you have never been to Poland, may be very troublesome. How to deal with all the things without getting stressed out? How to enjoy your first days in Poland with new friends, not having to run around the city and deal with all the formalities?

We can take care of all the difficulties you may encounter during your first days in Poland! What you need to do is to relax and enjoy your studies abroad!

Adaptation in Poland

Study Fun Poland offers a wide scope of services which help students around the world with their first days in a new, exciting environment and during the academic year as well. We help international students in all the Polish cities!

How can we help you? We:

  • assist you in finding a flat a room in a university dorm,
  • pick you up from the train/bus station or airport on the date of the arrival,
  • assist you in signing a contract with the university,
  • assist you in completing the formalities connected with application to the National Health Fund in order to sign a contract of health insurance,
  • assist you in completing formalities connected with the registration of stay in Poland (applying for a temporary stay or for a Residence Card - Karta Pobytu),
  • open a bank account in a Polish bank for you,
  • assist you in completing the formalities associated with obtaining a Polish mobile phone number.

In case of encountering any difficulties associated with studying in Poland we offer you two interventions or meetings. They can be arranged during the first year of studying in Poland!

We take care of all the things, while you can relax and have fun!




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