The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin: why you should be here

From the name of Catholic University of Lublin you can easily guess where it is situated. Lublin is a typical student city. Number of students immediately catches the eye, as almost every fourth person who lives there is a student. It's a city of young people and for young people.

Whether the weather is rainy or sunny, on weekend and during a week, You will certainly find some entertainment. It should be noted that almost every bar, shop and club has studen-friendly prices. Compared to other Polish cities life in Lublin is relatively cheap, so it's not surprising that every year thousands of students, including foreign, choose Lublin as place to study. The oldest university in Lublin is KUL (The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin), which is associated with respectability and interesting history. From the dark beginning when KUL founders had to face numerous obstacles (to mention only a fact that university was established just after World War I and just before Polish-Soviet War) by the authorities reluctance during Peoples Republic of Poland to the full and free expansion after iron curtain falls.

KUL history is an example that truth always prevails. 

There are more than 1,500 professionals that make up the research and teaching staff of the University. Extensive knowledge and technique are combined with a love of science and teaching. Undoubtly KUL educated lots of great professors and persons dedicated to their work. The one most known is for sure Rev. Karol Wojtyła, further Pope John Paul II. KUL wear his name since 2005. No wonder than that the name of this university is recognizable not only throughout the country but also outside of Poland.

Thank's to the teaching stuff dedication and young attitude university has a real academic community incomparable to other teaching institutions. This atmosphere favors students skills development. Therefore university's graduates are wanted on the labour market.


Don't reduce university life only to studies, because KUL can offer you more that 60 kinds of activities, like choir, theater, photo agency, model agency, students scientific association and more. The KUL main building is conveniently located in the center, near the park, bus stop and shopping center. It is easily accessible and all that a student may need is nearby. At the same time, despite the fact that it was built in 1918, the university fits into the architecture of the city. In the courtyard of the main building students like to spend their breaks between classes, lying on the grass in the sun.

KUL has signed agreements with more than 200 universities all over the world, so students can do the part of studies or internship at another university in Poland or other country. Studying abroad is a good occasion to meet new people, learn their culture and customs. KUL is a great choice for those who want to develop themself among students full of energy.

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