Poznan University of Economics – great opportunities after graduation

The employers appreciate the level of knowledge and skills of Poznan University of Economics graduates. From audit of graduates results that many of our students begin to work during their studies. According to a recent National Compensation Research conducted by Sedlak & Sedlak in 2013 graduates of the Poznan University of Economics who work in the first year after graduation earned monthly average of 3725 PLN. In the ranking of the salaries of graduates at this stage of its career PUE is a leader in Poznan and on the second place in Poland.

Our students are trained to work in prestigious places and sectors. One of the fastest developing sections in the financial sector are global centers of international financial transactions. Unfortunately, the Polish universities don't prepare to work in such places. We have undertaken the challenge: we launched specialty "Financial operations of investment funds", conducted in collaboration with Franklin Templeton Investments - a giant investment fund market. On the other hand, in collaboration with the OSTC Poland, PUE opened Laboratory trading business equipped with modern hardware and software.

Since 10 years we have been working with the most prestigious companies in the whole Poland inviting them to the Poznan University of Economics Club Partner. Experts and business practitioners indicate what kind of candidates are wanted in the labor market due to economic changes. In addition, they conduct classes for students during which they pass on their practical knowledge.

Studies at our University is a good investment in the future - a bright future.

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