Study with Maria Curie-Skłodowska at UMCS!

For ones UMCS could be a mysterious shortcut only but in fact it is a shorten name of the largest university in Eastern Poland. The full name of the university is: Maria Curie-Skłodowska University of Lublin. Surely the name of the university is more recognizable now as Maria Curie-Skłodowska was one of the greatest scientists of the XX century.

The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, why you should be here

From the name of Catholic University of Lublin you can easily guess where it is situated. Lublin is a typically student city. Number of students immediately catches the eye, as almost every fourth person who lives there is student. It's a city of young people and for young people. 

Wrocław University of Economics educational offer

For many years, interest in the courses of the Wrocław University of Economics has been unremitting. In the academic year of 2013/2014 alone, the number of WUE students reached 14 thousand. Four WUE faculties - Economic Sciences; Engineering and Economics; Management, Information Systems and Finance; and Economy, Management and Tourism - offer nearly 80 specialist fields of studies in 11 majors...

Foreign students at The Lodz University. What do they say about Lodz?

More than 550 foreign guests were greeted by Rector Włodzimierz Nykiel during Welcome Meeting at the Faculty of Law of The University of Lodz. Year by year number of foreign students taking part in exchange programs increased significantly - approximately by 50%. 

University of Lodz – Study with us!

The University of Lodz is one of the largest and most popular Polish universities. The number of international students is growing each year. In the calendar year 2013, over 1000 students international students studied at the UL within full time studies and one-semester exchange programs combined together. Most of them are from: Belarus, Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, Spain, but not only. The university is open towards international students as it has had many years of experience hosting them on campus. The atmosphere is truly international.

The Wrocław University of Economics

The Wrocław University of Economics is a long-established centre of research in logics and mathematics and is a center of research on economic sciences, social sciences, and management, as well as technical, biological, chemical, and agricultural sciences. Qualified personnel of the Wrocław University of Economics have always been our greatest asset.WUE employees receive numerous awards for didactic and scientific achievements, and have exercised responsible duties over a number of scientific associations and societies, both in Poland and abroad. 

Do you need help with coming to Poland for studies and dealing with all the formalities?

Study Fun Poland offers a wide scope of services which help students around the world with their first days in a new, exciting environment and during the academic year as well. We help international students in all the Polish cities! We can take care of all the difficulties you may encounter during your first days in Poland! What you need to do is to relax and enjoy your studies abroad!

Strengths of the Poznan University of Economics

Poznań University of Economics is one of the best business schools in Poland. PUE specializes in educating business leaders, highly skilled managerial, economic experts and employees of government departments and local government. PUE students can study at 5 faculties, 14 directions and more almost 60 specializations. Studies at the PUE is something more than just exercises and lectures. It's an investment in the future - a future under the sign of prestige, good jobs and pay.

Poznan University of Economics – great opportunities after graduation

The employers appreciate the level of knowledge and skills of Poznan University of Economics graduates. From audit of graduates results that many of our students begin to work during their studies. According to a recent National Compensation Research conducted by Sedlak & Sedlak in 2013 graduates of the Poznan University of Economics who work in the first year after graduation earned monthly average of 3725 PLN. In the ranking of the salaries of graduates at this stage of its career PUE is a leader in Poznan and on the second place in Poland.

The Polish Language Study in Poland

The Polish Language and Culture Centre for Polish People from Abroad and Foreigners UMCS was established in January 1991. The Centre organizes study programs and courses of the Polish language and culture for foreign visitors and students of Polish origin, compiles handbooks and teaching materials, and conducts scientific research on the Polish language and culture.

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