Health care

It's mandatory for international students to have a health insurance in Poland. Foreign students, who do not have Polish origin and don’t come from EU/EFTA countries, in most cases have a private insurance which is required during visa application. Unfortunately, this kind of insurance, in most cases covers only accidents, without general health consultations with doctors.

If you want to study in Poland you can apply for a health insurance at Polish National Healthcare Fund. The insurance cost ranges from 36 PLN to 279 PLN monthly, depending on a number of medical procedures included. However it is less complicated though to get a private insurance with an insurance company in Poland. Private health insurance means that you receive a package of multiple services such as medical assistance. It includes medical transport, medicines and 24/7 information. You can schedule consultations with doctors and health examinations in a network of health facilities across Poland. The package is available in regular and extended version. All depends on your individual preferences and needs.




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