Turkish student in Warsaw

Tell us something about you. Where are you come from and which university you attended in Poland.

I came from Turkey I am 21 and I have studied at SGGW (The Warsaw University of Life Sciences) during spring semester.

What was your first impression about Warsaw?

Warsaw is a city which is very tidy and quiet. It have surprised me a lot since it is the biggest city in Poland.

Why did you choose to study in Poland?

I wanted to visit a lot of European countries and Poland is close to any places in Europe.

How do you compare Turkey educational level with polish one?

I cannot compare it since I was an erasmus student . While I was studying in Poland my courses were easier than my Turkish courses, but you know... Thats Erasmus life!

Erasmus Parties - best memories?

I went to a lot of parties with my friends and we enjoyed them a lot. I have a lot of unforgettable memories, but mine first meeting with other Erasmus in SGGW Rektorat was one of the coolest experiences.

Funniest situation during Erasmus?

Most of the time my friends were drunk, and after parties they were always sleeping in the buses and in that time we had plenty weird situations with other party people or just ticket guys. Each night was different!

What was the most nicest place you have seen in Poland?

Park Lazienki, definitely the most beautiful park I've ever been to. I love to play with all those ginger squirrels!

Would you like to come back to Poland in the future?

Of Course! I Will! Poland means a lot for me and now it's just like a second home. So many friend stayed there that I miss a lot!

What impact does it had on your life?

I feel more confident and it has changed my point of view about world. Now I am citizen of the world! I've been to many European countries and I have a lot of foreign friends also I have learned a lot of new cultures. I am grown up.

Would you recommend Poland as a place to study?

Absolutely yes! That was just amazing experience! As a Turkish person I felt welcome there and everyone were very polite.

Plans for future?

This is my last year at my University and after this year I want to do masters abroad. I am going to apply to polish universities!

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