Student from China comes to Gdansk

Who are you? Briefly describe yourself (where do you come from, what do you study, etc.)

My name is XIN GU and I live in Poland for 3 years. I come from China . I am a IB student. I study "International Business" in Faculty of Economics at the Gdańsk University. It will be the last year for me in Poland.

What has surprised you in Poland?

Culture shock, such as food, history, lifestyle.

How did you come up with the idea of studying in Poland?

My dream is trveal all the world. I want to meet a lot of new friends. So I come to here.

Do you remember the first days of studying in Poland?

I can not remember my polish friends name. Really funny. I need to learn polish very hard.

Tell us about the differences between studies in Poland and studies in Chine.

In Poland- more free, more termwork.

What do you like about studying in Poland?

Poland is good country. It is beautifuly. In our economy faculty there is availability of courses in English.

Do you know any famous people from Poland?

Frederic Chopin and Maria Curie Skłodowska.

Describe the places in Poland, that have a positive influence on you.

Sopot. I live here about 3 years. It is really fantastic city... I love here. It is my secondly hometown.

Tell us about the country you've always wanted to visit, but still haven't:

UK,USA. I want to trveal all the world.

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