Simon from Germany and his time in Wroclaw

Who are you? Briefly describe yourself: name, country you come from, where and what you study in Poland.

My name is Simon, I am 25 years old and i come from Germany. I am studying Business Administration in my forth year in Magdeburg. In Wroclaw I study the same at the Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny.

How did you come up with the idea of studying in Poland?

When I was 16 I spent one week in Warszawa due to a school exchange for one week. Because I liked it even at that time I always wanted to come back. Thanks to Erasmus this dream became true and I could go to Wroclaw for one semester.

What do you like about studying in Poland?

Especially I like the small courses here in Wroclaw. In Germany every lecture is so overcrowded and you have almost no chance to have a conversation with your professor. Here everything is more interactive, many profs know even your name and if there occurrs a question you can easily ask and get an answer.

Do you remember your first days of studying in Poland? What was your first impression about the country?

Of course everything was new: The country, the city, the language. But after a while I found out that you can easily communicate in English (not everywhere, e.g. in some small shops with old ladies ;)) but even if they don't speak English they highly try to help you somehow. And after visiting the Rynek it was clear that it will be a great stay here in Wroclaw.

What has surprised you in Poland?

The most impressive for me in Poland is the hospitality. Everybody wants to talk to you and helps you when you have a problem, doesn't matter what kind of. Once I visited a polish family of a friend who invited us for a typical polish dinner (actually this was impressive enough!). But after her mom saw that my trousers was broken she sew it on and it was fixed - without asking me. I wasn't able to thank her as much as I could.

Would you recommend Poland as a place to study?

by 100%. Was the best decision in my life!

Can you compare your country to Poland? What are the differences or similarities?

Polish people are more hospitalbe especially for foreigners, they drink a lot of Wodka and the girls are more pretty ;)

What are your favourite places/cities in Poland?

First of all: Wroclaw. The best Rynek and in general very worth living. 2nd Krakow, but here the bartenders cheat on you and pretend to not have any changes. 3rd Gdansk, cause it is at the seaside and in Sopot you can have great Partys.

What do you do in your spare time in Łódź?

There are many possibilities. In the summer I like relaxin with friends at the rynek or at wyspa slodowa. There is also a climbing facility in the forest where you can climb in the trees. In the wintertime you can visit lots of museums etc. And of course the nightlife is very very good with all these bars and clubs around the rynek.

If you think "Poland" what first come to your mind? Did you have any stereotypes about the country that you claim they are true or definitely not true?

As a German the first prejudice is that polish people are thefts. But I never got sth stolen and I never heard about that from some of my friends, so it's definetely not true! A 2nd one could be that they drink a lot of wodka; and this is, eh, rather true :)

How well do you know Polish? (your attitude to Polish language, the funniest or the most difficult Polish words for you)

After one year I am still at a very low level. I can understand a lot but more than ordering a beer or sth to eat in the restaurant is not possible. In my point of view it's a very difficult language compared to german. The most funniest words are words which are obviously stolen from English but just written in polish language like Dzinsy, Dzentelman etc. but have the same pronounciation like the english original :D Easy is that some words sound similar to German like lampa, musyka or balkon.

What are your nearest plans in Poland and generally?

I found a job in IBM Wroclaw, so I already extended my stay here and will gain some work experiences and want to learn more about the culture and the language.



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