Sanna from Finland about Katowice

Who are you? Short bios. (where do you come from, where do you study? In which faculty, bachelor degree or master degree?)

Hi! My name is Sanna and I'm coming from Finland. Nowadays I'm doing my Erasmus at University of Economics in Katowice. Here in Poland I'm studying leadership skills, negotiations and languages. In Finland I have one more year left of my Master studies in administration which is in Faculty of Social Sciences.

What has surprised you in Poland?

Thing which surprised me very positively was that polish are so polite and hospitable towards foreigners. We are always so warmly welcome to everywhere and there is always someone who is willing to help. Other thing which surprised me was that even youths don't necessarily speak English at all. But luckily there is always some ways how to communicate.

How did you come up with the idea of studying in Poland?

I knew that I want to stay in Europe. I wanted to go somewhere else than e.g. Germany, G-B, France or Spain because I thought those countries are too popular, I wanted something else. I have also been really interested about history of Poland and also neighbor countries. First idea about coming to Poland came when we had a polish lecture in my home university.

Do remember the early days of studying in Poland? Describe the struggles you went through.

In beginning everything was really exciting and new. But I didn't face any big problems. Our ESN-mentors helped us a lot so we weren't lost that badly. Of course the language is sometimes confusing but as I said you can cope without knowing polish.

What's the difference between studies in Poland and studies in Finland?

The most significant difference between studies is that in Finland our university studies are really theoretical. We read lot of books and articles and so on. Here studies are more practical and here is more contact teaching. And for me it is really nice to have something new and see different ways of studying.

Why did you choose Poland as a place for studying?

As I told you I think Poland is really interesting country. Of course it is a great advantage that Poland is lot of cheaper than Finland. The final decision came when I read about course offering here in Katowice because here I had a change to study topics which really interests me.

Do you know any famous people from Poland?

I have to admit that I really don't know that much famous polish even after three months.

Which places in Poland have a positive influence on you?

We went to skiing to Zakopane and I am still amazed of those mountains! Also Warsaw was for me something amazing. Warsaw is modern city same time full of history. I think it is really worth of visiting.

Number 1 country you have always wanted to visit but still haven't?

Now I have feeling that next destination should be somewhere further so maybe number 1 is now Australia! 

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