Natalia from Ukraine, about life and studies in Poland

Who are you? Briefly describe yourself: name, country you come from, where and what you study in Poland.

Hi, my name is Natalia. I'm from Berdyansk (Ukraine), i'm 19. Now i live in sopot and study tourism in Gdansk's School of Banking. I'm very happy with my choice, i like it to be here. 

How did you come up with the idea of studying in Poland?

I wanted to study in Ukraine first, but my parents offered me to go to Europe, because level of education is better there and European degree gives lots of oportunities. 

What has surprised you in Poland? 

Hospitable people surprised me the most, it was very interesting to hear and learn new language. I liked the lessons in the Gdansk's School of Banking, very convenient schedule, so i have time leisure time.


Do you remember your first days of studying in Poland? What was your first impression of this country? 

When i arrived, first days we lived in hostel. The owner was very friendly, he spoke with us in Polish and English, helped us, showed Gdańsk. In evenings we watched movies, it was nice.

Tell us about the differences between studies in Poland and studies in Ukraine? 

Studying in Ukraine took most of my time, i had no time for the rest and myself. It was boring, monotonous lectures, boring teachers. But here every lesson is interesting, in the form of communication with students. Teachers are very friendly, they gladly help to solve problems. Some lectures are funny, teachers show us funny videos, sometimes i dont get everything, but it's always funny. 

What do you think about studying in Poland?

I'm glad to study in Poland. I learn something interesting and new every day. I Think education in Poland is on very good level and it opens doors in Europe. 

What are your favourite places/cities in Poland? 

I like Sopot. Here you can find the sea, beach and lots of night clubs and bars. Also there is very beautiful park along the seashore, i walk there almost every morning. This city is full of students, quiet during the day it becomes the center of public entertainment at night. 

How well do you know Polish language? 

At the beginning i had problems, I didn't  understand anything and knew only one word przepraszam, wchich means sorry in Polish))) But with time i met and communicated with Polish people. Every month of being here i noticed that i speak better and better. But i still cant speak fluently. 

What are your plans for the nearest future - in terms of Poland and generally? 

I am going to work next year, but first i want to improve my language. The main goal is to graduate and find good job. I want also to get an European citizenship. 

Would you recommend Poland as a place to study? 

Yes, I think it's a good place for living and studying, here you will find everything you want: the sea, mountains and fantastic lakes, every kind sport activities and active night life. 


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