Javier from Spain in Olsztyn University

Where are you from? Where and what are you studying? Tell us more.

I am Javier I am from Madrid, Spain. I was studying veterinary at 'Universidad Complutense de Madrid' and now I am studying veterinary at 'University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn'. This is my last year so I hope finish my degree this year in Olsztyn and I will able to start the new part of my life.

Why did you become an Erasmus student?

I decided become an Erasmus student because I meet a lot of people that were Erasmus student before than me and they said me that is a fantastic experience. Moreover, I like travel and meet other cultures and countries. Other reason is to improve my English. I'm pretty sure, that I will learn here a lot.

Why did you choose to study in Poland?

I decided study in Poland because I have friends of my university that were studying in Olsztyn and they said me that Olsztyn is a good place for studying veterinary. Moreover, Poland is cheaper than Spain. Furthermore, I want to go to a country really different of Spain (food, weather, language) because I want to meet other cultures and traditions.

What do you like most about Poland?

-In my opinion, the best of Poland are the landscapes. There are a lot of beautiful lakes and all Poland is very green. For example, near to my student resident (DS 119) there is a beautiful lake (Stary Dwór lake) so when I am walking around my residence I feel in contact with the nature. Olsztyn has a great amount of lakes!

Does Kortowo feel like home?

I like Kortowo very much. Is different my life in Madrid that my life here because in Madrid I live with my parents and here I live with two roommates in a student room so I can't compare both. In my opinion the campus of Kortowo is exceptional because there are beautiful places. Moreover, I like practise sport and in Kortowo there are good installations for practise sport.

In your opinion: is Polish hard? Do you want to learn it?

In my opinion, Polish is very hard. I want to learn it but I don't have much free time so I haven't sign in Polish Course. However, I have Polish friend and them taught me some words and sentences in Polish like "prosze", "dziekuje", "jak sie masz" or "czesc" and in the future I would like to learn more.

Do you like Polish food? Do you have a favourite Polish food?

I like Polish food but I prefer Spanish food. However, I don't know if I have tasted all of typical Polish food or not so perhaps I can't answer this questions now. My favourite Polish food is pierogui, I tasted it in a restaurant in Olsztyn old town and was a good dinner. I have time to taste something else.

Have you been cooking dishes from Spain?

Yes, my roommates are Spanish too so sometimes we try to cook typical Spanish food but we have a problem in order to buy the ingredients that we need for cooking our food. For example, I have cooked three 'tortillas de patatas', a dish typical of my country. I had no problem to find ingredients, it's only potatoes, onion and eggs.

What do you think about Polish people?

In my opinion, in general Polish people are friendly with me and funny but I usually speak with students and I think that students are more open with foreign people. They knows better English and don't afraid of using it. I have seen some fights in the clubs and I think that in my country are less frequent than here.

What do you miss the most during your stay in Poland?

During my stay in Poland I miss my family and my friends the most. I usually speak with them and three or four times a week I call to my parents by internet and speak with them. I usually contact with my friends by social network and they can see my pictures. Furthermore I miss the weather of Madrid. In Olsztyn is getting colder.

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