Esmagul Turkish student in Szczecin

Who are you? Briefly describe yourself (where do you come from, what do you study, etc.)

Hi! I'm Esmagül. I'm from Turkey. I'm 19 and I'm studying my second year of Internatıonal Relations at the Cankırı Karatekin Unıversty. I am an Erasmus student at the Unıversty of Szczecin. I stay in Poland for 2 semester.

What has surprised you in Poland?

Fristly, The weather is very surprising for me, I'm waiting for a long time sunny day, but doesn't come. Poland is very different from Turkey. Religion, culture, tradition, foods, people, city, transport etc. I like the architecture of buıldıng very old and beatıful. I love Poland :)

How did you come up with the idea of studying in Poland?

I had four choices: Szczecin, Budapest, Vilnıus, Cluj. I choose Poland because Szczecin is close to Berlin and I wanted a different country from Turkey, I thınk Poland is very different for me. Poland is close to other European country because I LOVE TRAVEL so I chose Poland.

Do you remember the first days of studying in Poland? Describe the struggles you went through:

Certainly I remember. I came to Berlin and after Szczecin but I missed the traın. I wait a long time other train with two suitcase. My frıst day ıs grueling but after I lıke a Szczecin , dormitory, friends and Erasmus life.! :)

Tell us about the differences between studies in Poland and studies in Turkey:

I am an Erasmus student and I have less lesson and less exam, I have a a lots of homework.

What do you like about studying in Poland?

I have Polısh course so I'm learning a Polısh Language.This is ımportant for ınternatıonal relations. I am an Erasmus student. I haven't got a real lessons but I am learnıng a LİFE here. For example, I am learning Italıan culture, language because my roommates is Italıan

Do you know any famous people from Poland?

Of course, Adam Mickiewicz, Fredric Chopin, Maria Curıe, Kopernik and Weekend- Ona tanczy dla mnie :) :)Adam Mickiewicz was live and died in İstanbul.

Describe the places in Poland, that have a positive influence on you:

I love Szczecin. It is a sweet and funny cıty. I was in Międzyzdroje/Baltyk Sea. It's very nıce cıty.

Tell us about the country you've always wanted to visit, but still haven't:

I'd like to go to Brazıl, Italy, Egypt and the USA, the United Arab Emirates/Dubai

Are you a member of any student's club or organization? Tell us something about it:

No, I'm not :)

Would you like to come back to Poland in the future? Why?

Of course. I've had 10 months in Poland. 10 months have a lots of memory. When I turned a Turkey, I will miss a Szczecin, Poland, Erasmus life, my friends, dormitory insomuch that cold weather. I'll never forget, I love Poland! Esmagül :)

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