Brazilian student in Gdansk

Who are you? Briefly describe yourself (where do you come from, what do you study, etc.)

I am Karel D., I am from Brazil, and I study geography, University of Gdańsk.

What has surprised you in Poland?

Cultural differences were surprising, people are more introvert than in Brazil.

How did you come up with the idea of studying in Poland?

My great grandfathers were of Polish origin. It had always been my dream to study abroad.

Do you remember the first days of studying in Poland? Describe the struggles you went through:

Learning language was difficult and challenging task, it was difficult do adjust with the cultural differences.

Tell us about the differences between studies in Poland and studies in Brazil:

In our studies we have only workshops, no lectures. Lectures are only arrange for topics having a special prominence. Grading system is different.

What do you like about studying in Poland?

There are a good condition for studies at the universities, and they are interesting.

Do you know any famous people from Poland?

Yes, Maciej Silski, Kuba Wojewódzki, Pope John Paul II, Lech Walesa, Ewa Farna.

Describe the places in Poland that have a positive influence on you:

Tricity had a positive influence, because people are friendly and I feel like at home here.

Tell us about the country you've always wanted to visit, but still haven't:

I want to visit Rome. Because I want to see coliseum.

Are you a member of any student's club or organization? Tell us something about it:


Would you like to come back to Poland in the future? Why?

Yes, because I want to come and visit my friends.

Have you made any permanent relations with polish students ? What do you like in the most of them?

Yes, I have couple of friends. They are friendly.

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