Formalities for international students


Basic requirements:

Firstly to study in Poland you have to meet the basic entry requirements for higher education in your country. Most often it is High school diploma. Additionally (if you wish to study in English) you have to prove that your English language skills are on B1/B2 level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe).

To apply for a Polish university you have to fulfil other certain requirements. Those may differ depending on the university and on the level of studies you would like to take. For more information see: Study Programmes.

In order to apply for a selected study programme you should contact the university’s admission office or one of its foreign recruitment offices.

Important documents (in general):

1. High School Certificate

2. Bachelor's degree (for Master's degree candidates)

3. Language Certificate proves your English language skills on B1/B2 level

4. A valid passport

5. A valid Visa


If you wish to study at Polish University there are two fees you have to pay:

- admission fee

- tuition fee

Admission fee covers issues connected with registration process. It is usually amount of around 200 EUR. It is one-time payment.

Tuition fee depends on a number of factors for example the local average cost of living. It depends also on the type of school and the field of study you choose. Generally the tuition fee is higher in large cities where the average salary of academic staff members is high. However, it does not mean that an expensive university is always a good university. Some differences can be noticed between private and public universities but generally tuition fees are about:

2000 – 4000 EUR per academic year (Bachelor’s and Master’s progremme)

3000 EUR per academic year for PhD and specialist courses,

8000-12000 EUR per academic year for medical and MBA studies,

3000 EUR per year for vocational courses,

2000 EUR per year for a language course, (including preparation for studying in Polish)

Tuition fee is an annual fee student must pay to continue further studies.

Polish universities suggest students pay the fee in person when they register at the school. But you can also pay via bank transfer which is much more convenient.

If it happens that you do not obtain a visa, you will get your tuition fee back (minus bank charges). Usually you are asked to pay for the tuition before you arrive at school. Remember that you have to confirm your bank account number with the university.

Foreign students who have Polish Charter (“Karta Polaka”) are exempt from tuition fees. All other foreigners are required to pay such fees following to the table below.  

Fees in brief
Type of fee
Tuition Fee
200 EUR
2000-4000 EUR
Annual or semestral

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