Admission procedure:

The requirements of admission procedure depend on the programme you will decide to apply to but the admission procedure is not more complicated than this one in your country. Firstly you have to know what major and what level of studies you would like to take (see programmes). Secondly you prepare necessary documents (see formalities) and other documents particularly university may require.

The first step to apply for a Polish university is usually on-line registration (certain universities has their own registration systems). Then there is a time to transfer necessary documents and pay admission fee. After getting admission you can apply for a visa (see visa).

Remember that some universities have additional admission requirements. It is necessary to contact a selected university before the submission of your application. In order to apply for a selected study programme you should contact the university’s admission office or one of its foreign recruitment offices. 


Usually at Polish universities there are two enrolment:

- One called “summer enrolment” opened in the winter months like January, February

- Second called “winter enrolment” opend in summer months (June, July, August)

If a particular university informs that the enrolment process is available anytime it means that you can enrol anytime of the year except during holidays.

The precise terms and deadlines of admission process differ depending on the university. Some of the universities has only one enrolment each year! That’s why it is helpful to make a direct contact and ask about current enrolment.


See Fees and formalities


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