Top 5 reasons why study in Poland


1. Higher education quality

In Poland higher education has a long tradition. First university was established in 1364 in Cracow. The Cracow Academy was being one of the oldest academies in the world.

Nowadays Poland has approximately 450 higher education institutions. Some of them are not only national academic centres but the regional ones. Everyone should find here a good place for study regardless of the area candidate is interested in (yes you can study in English here!) In Poland there are many specialized universities such as: medical, agricultural, technical, economic, music and fine arts academies. Above that there are lots of private universities but only several among them are prestigious and offer study programmes in English.

Poland as a part of the European Union plays an active part in Bologna Process. All diplomas issued in Poland are widely recognizable and reckon in other European countries (it is thanks to the European Credit Transfer System - ECTS).

The quality of the whole educational process in Poland is constantly evaluated. Now Poland is trying to improve the connections between business and science to help graduates in their future career.


2. Affordable costs of living

It is not a secret that average cost of studying in Poland is even two times lower than in western Europe or Nordic countries. It is because in Poland earnings are generally not as high as there but on the other hand living costs are adequately lower. That's why Poland can be a perfect place for everyone who would like to study in the European Union (on a good European level) in a reasonable price.

Both services and products costs are affordable and it's quality are at least as good as in other European countries (groceries are said to be one of the best quality in Europe). For more see life costs.

Comparing the admission and tuition fees with those in other countries ones can state that Poland is a perfect country for students. Find out more fees and formalities.

3. Cities full of magic

Poland is a land where west and east meet together. No doubts then that you can find here a mixture of cultures solidify in architecture, art and cuisine. It is also a country with dramatic and wonderful history visible on every corner of the historic cities and on every village path.

It is true that in all cities in Poland you can find marks of the passed days: old squares, churches, or castles - witnesses of the historical events. Nevertheless there are numerous of modern buildings creating together with those old one an unique combination of modernity and tradition.

If you are a history lover or you just can't live without exploring new places and mysteries feel invited to Poland!

4. Vibrant students life

In Poland students life has a long and interesting tradition. It was not only about the common meetings and having fun. For instance during communist era students associations were usually connected with conspiracy. Nevertheless the popular students festivals came from these times and continues today.

Nowadays in Poland there are more students than ever in the past (including international students). No wonder then that the students festivals are more spectacular comparing to those former ones. Concerts, spectacles and... some days off from the university! Active students should appreciate variety of students associations working on every university. 

Above that Polish cities offer a wide range of attraction for everyone who thirst nigh life experience or other cultural events. Clubs, pubs or restaurants are open towards students who usually benefits from some special discounts. 


5. Hospitality 

One would ask how the Poles really are? The first thing that every person who have visited Poland highlight is hospitality.

Yes, we are hospitable - especially for foreign guests. We are even joking that we are more gentle to foreign people than to the nationals. You can experience it on the street, at the university or from your Polish friends (undoubtedly you will have such friends). 

You shouldn’t feel ashamed if your Polish friends would invite you for a party, launch or to the café. Don’t be surprise if they also show you the whole city and tell some unusual stories. Surely you will appreciate their efforts in helping you feel good and comfortable in Poland.

Even if some elder persons in Poland can’t speak English they will always do their best to help you. Commonly in cities and among young there are no problems with communication in English.



The rest of the advantages should be checked on your own so don’t hesitate and start your studies in Poland.


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