Do I need a visa?

Non EU/EEA students, who are not citizens of the countries mentioned here (EU candidates), need to obtain a student's visa, which is issued by a Polish Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence. Short-stay visa entitles to stay in Poland for up to three months, while the long-stay visa - for up to one year. Extension of visa during the stay in Poland is possible, but only in cases of force majeure or situation impossible to predict at the time of applying for a visa. Visa can be renewed only once, that is why it is very important for non EU/EEA students to apply for a visa for the whole period of study in Poland. Students who have been issued visa for the whole period of stay in Poland do not need to apply for a residence card.

The applicants shall come to the Embassy to submit their visa applications. The Embassy reserves the right to request some additional documentation. All documents should be provided in English and attached to the visa application in A4 size copy. The visa process lasts about 15 calendar days.

In order to apply for visa you need to provide:

- A filled-in visa application form

- Valid passport

- Official letter of acceptance to a school in Poland

- A short CV

- Your school certificates and diplomas

- Evidence of proficiency in the language in which you wish to study

- Confirmation that you have enough money to study in Poland

- Health insurance

- A photo


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