Public transport

Every city in Poland has its own public transport, so the prices of tickets differ from town to town. Being a student, you are entitled to a discount on public transport. It is usually about 50%. You can buy a single-ride ticket, or daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly passes. In academic cities you can travel in a very convenient way - just load your student card in a special ticket machine and it will be valid for 30 or 90 days. It is much more convenient and cheaper than buying single-ride tickets.

You can travel by bus, tram, metro (only in Warsaw) and train in Poland. Remember that the tram and bus tickets are not accepted on the trains. In order to avoid fine, always make sure you have the right type of ticket suitable for the means of transport you have chosen.

Apart from buses, trams and trains, you can also travel by taxi in every Polish town. However, it is usually the most expensive means of transport. The fares vary between 2-4 PLN per km and go up to 3,5 – 4,5 PLN at a night time. Beware that some of the private transport companies are not registered as taxis. They may have a taxi sign, however the phone number is usually missing. They are usually a lot more expensive so you need to be careful.




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