Life cost


Are you thinking about studies in Poland? Great, we are waiting for you here!. We would like to give you a hint about the life cost and compare it with other European countries. We have compared life in Great Britain, Germany, Sweden and Czech Republic. We hope that it will help you to make a decision.


Red colour – most expensive

Green colour – cheapest

In the table above you can see average prices in chosen countries. The difference in prices between Poland and other European countries can be easily seen. For a one-bedroom apartment near city centre you will pay 350 EUR, above two times less than in the United Kingdom or Sweden. Your wallet will also stay in better condition after a lunch in an inexpensive restaurant (bistro, Asian food, kebab, etc.).

It is the same situation when we consider meal for 2 in a good restaurant. You will pay around 25 EUR. In comparison, in Sweden, the same meal should cost you over 55 EUR. Public transport prices look very good in Poland and Czech Republic (they are almost the same). All depends on the type of discount and the city, but the prices should not be higher.

If you are a fitness fan, Poland is a choice for you. Your monthly fee will be around 25 EUR and fitness clubs in Poland are very well equipped and it is quite common that the price includes sauna.

During your free time you can go to the cinema, while the ticket cost is only 5.50 EUR. 3D movies cost is a little bit higher but still very cheap in comparison with the United Kingdom, Germany or Sweden. If you decide to pop out for a beer, you should pay no more than 2 EUR, nearly the same as in Czech Republic.



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