Accommodation for students

International students in Poland can choose between staying at a campus dormitory and living off campus.  

On-campus accommodation

Dormitories on campus usually have all the facilities that you will need, including lockers, bedding, TV sets, free internet access, toilets, shower facilities, hot water, refrigerator etc. as well as communal kitchens and so on.

Dormitories generally offer single rooms or double rooms. You may also request to share a double room with a classmate. The cost of accommodation varies from 80 EUR to 100 EUR per month, depending on the university, city, and the type of room.  

For instance, University of Gdansk offers nine accommodation options for international students to choose from. The on-campus dorms include single rooms and double rooms.

Off-campus accommodation

International students can also choose to live off campus. English listings for rental accommodation/roommates can be found on expat websites and estate agents are easy to find in Poland. The cost of renting off campus varies considerably depending on the location and condition of the apartment, so check the local listings to get a sense of the prices. In Gdańsk, international students typically pay around 150 EUR to 200 EUR per room per month, excluding bills, though it is possible to find cheaper accommodation.

Prices for apartments vary from city to city. Like anywhere else, prices are related to quality and comfort (e.g. the number of people sharing a room). The location and the size of flat are also very significant factors. A one-bedroom flat with a shared kitchen and bathroom is quite cheap, but a flat with a large kitchen, dining room and bathroom is much more expensive, especially if it’s located in the city centre.




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