Russian student and her time in Gdansk

Who are you? Briefly describe yourself (where do you come from, what do you study, etc.)

Hi! I'm Lena. I study sociology on Moscow State Institute of International Relation (MGIMO). Here in Poland I choose for my exchange International Business with some languages items.

What has surprised you in Poland?

The number of people speaking russian. It's a big surprise and it's very helpful. Also Sopot suprised me, because it's very "young" city- full of young people and parties:)

How did you come up with the idea of studying in Poland?

I always wanted to study abroad to have an experience like this. So I fulfill my dream by coming here because of the agreement of my University with University of Gdansk. I just though "Poland? Why not". :)

What's your family, friends opinion about your studies in Poland?

They reacted very positively. They support me and want me to enjoy stay in Poland.

Do you remember the first days of studying in Poland? Describe the struggles you went through:

It's my third day in Poland so I remember it clearly. I wasn't drunk haha:) I came here about midnight. Streets very empty so I couldn't ask anybody about the way to dormitory. But when I found I just felt asleep.

Did you take any memento or any item, that remind you of your homeland while studying in Poland? What is it?

It's a teddybear and a picture of my boyfriend. I miss him.

Tell us about the differences between studies in Poland and studies in Russia:

For exchange students it's totally diffrent. We can create our own timetable by choosing favourite items. I like it.

Do you know any famous people from Poland?

The film director Roman Polanski and some politicians.

Enumarate the three places you would like to visit in Poland.

Firstly of course Gdansk. I want to see all this old places, catholical churches. Because in Moscow we don't have such arichtecture.

Tell us about the country you've always wanted to visit, but still haven't:

I learn german so I want to visit Germany and practise my skills with natives.

If you run your own business or work anywhere, please tell us something about it (what is it, how many hours weekly do you work, etc.)

I had some internship as journalist but my main deal is to study.

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