Interview with Spanish student in Poland

Who are you? Briefly describe yourself (where do you come from, what do you study, etc.)

My name is Leonard, I came from Spain and I am studying economic in the University of Gdansk Faculty of Economics.

What has surprised you in Poland?

Mainly people, they are very quiet and very helpful.

How did you come up with the idea of studying in Poland?

I see Poland as a country of many opportunities.

Do you remember the first days of studying in Poland? Describe the struggles you went through:

I got some problems, but the main was the language, it was hard to contact with new people.

Tell us about the differences between studies in Poland and studies in Spain:

In my opinion there is no big differences between studies in Poland and in Spain.

What do you like about studying in Poland?

The most I like the schedule, everything is precisely and well organized.

Do you know any famous people from Poland?

Yes of course. I know Robert Kubica, Chopin, Lech Wałęsa, Juan Pablo II and Maria Curie.

Describe the places in Poland, that have a positive influence on you:

Sopot is very nice place, every time it makes me happy and fulfill with positive energy.

Tell us about the country you've always wanted to visit, but still haven't:

I have always wanted to go to the USA, one day I plan to get there.

Are you a member of any student's club or organization? Tell us something about it:


Would you like to come back to Poland in the future? Why?

Yes, I would like to back here, because your country made a very good impression on me.

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