Dear parents!

The decision to send your child to study abroad is not easy.

As a parent, you want to know for sure whether your child can cope in an international environment, and especially whether he has a chance of a successful recruitment process.

With our help, you do not have to worry about such things! We will take care about your child's entrance to the best university for him. Tell us what do you want and we will find the best option which will satisfy all your expectations!


We guarantee that you'll find at least one university, which will satisfy you and your child’s needs. Polish universities are open for foreign students, so you can choose from a great number of universities which are located in different Polish cities.

You will not have to worry about deadlines or recruitment requirements. We will be carrying you through the whole recruitment process!

Polish universities give their graduates many opportunities. Your child will get a respected and prestigious European diploma which enables to work in international environment all over the world. Poland offers a high level of education, which gives great opportunities for professional and personal development. 

5 Steps 

All you need is to go through the 5 steps to start studying in Poland. We can help you! It's very easy! Check out the 5 steps by clicking HERE

Write to us - and see how easy it is!

The main aim of Study Fun Poland is to help young people enter the most important stage in their life - studies abroad.

If you are interested in wider cooperation with us, we offer you additional paid services related to translations of documents, obtaining the certificate, visas, nostrification of documents and ect. We can assist your child to adopt a new environment when he arrives at the university, we can take him from the airport or find him accommodation. 



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